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Latest News:
  • Open House @ CTI One Corporation
  • Real time sensor interface and control to 6 DOF industrial robot (ABB) for robotic applications.
  • Reflection removal for better path planning ... the reflection tagged with yellow colour are those identified to be removed.
  • Put GPE (Graphics Processing Engine) on MCU for industrial IoT Applications
  • Fine Tuning Self Driving ...
  • NVIDIA Jetson Meetup:
CTI One has been invited to NVIDIA Jetson Meetup: AI Inference at the Edge. Learn how to use NVIDIA GPU to train AI and deep learning at our AI&Machine Learning intern boot camp.

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Our DEEP LEARNING training program Aug 24th - Sept 24th 2020

Please contact us to get the invitation for the 1st free lecture and 50% DISCOUNT

Our Program Moves Online During Covid-19

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